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If you are looking for "Holiday Cottages in Kent" or "Self Catering Accommodation in Kent" then we believe you have found it. Little Dodges is a newly converted detached traditional stable providing.

A Tuscan Adventure


We were so excited to take our first holiday in 17 years and it was really thanks to some of our guests!

Running a Holiday Cottage and Bed and Breakfast is a very rewarding job but the opportunity to take a holiday yourself is a little challenging.  We always make sure that our guests are put first and over the years we have tried to find the perfect week to go away but then a lovely booking comes in and it is postponed for another year.

Little Dodges has a wonderful family who come every year and in fact have become such good friends that we believed they could be left quite happily and would be more than delighted to be self-sufficient while we took a break.


So the 17-year hiatus was broken, the fear of flying was conquered and we found ourselves jetting off for a whole week.  Our Isle of Wight guests managed perfectly, they always come for two weeks and our disappearing act pretty much went without them even noticing.

Hopefully we will experience another holiday ourselves and perhaps not wait another 17 years. Our IOW family are eager to book their next trip; they love the shopping particularly in Royal Tunbridge Wells, a unique town, with a wonderful modern shopping centre, plenty of High Street retailers and the beautiful and specialist Pantiles.


Little Dodges accommodation and Bed & Breakfast is perfectly situated for retail therapy, whether in some of Kent’s towns or some of the stunning and historic villages in the Weald of Kent.  Please take a look at our Local Attractions pages for inspiration.

Joanna & Paul